Time Management Tips for Matric

Matriculants are faced with a daunting task in their final schooling year, they need to cover all the prescribed theory in just seven months and still find time to prepare for tests, exams and projects. This heavy workload is new to most matric students but schools simply do not prepare them sufficiently to deal with the stress and anxiety.

So what are your options as a student?

  1. Approach your matric year with the same ‘leave it for the last possible moment’ system…..
  2. Lose 20 kg’s by stressing your way through the year….. Who needs a gym right! ?
  3. Party your way through matric and simply buy a matric certificate next year at your local flee market…..
  4. Study 24/7 for the first 5 months and get admitted to a psychiatric ward in the sixth for a meltdown…..

As enticing as the above options seem they simply will not help you achieve the best possible results for yourself.

Your matric year is not only about passing but also about enjoying your final year as a carefree student.

So how do we achieve that goal?

Time Management

The only way to have a social life and pass your matric well is to manage your time effectively. Below are tips to help you get started.


1. Focus for 10 minutes

Take a subject and schedule 10 minutes of study time for it. Remove all distractions and focus on the work for the entire 10 minutes. This helps you to get the ball rolling and you may find that 10 becomes 30 or 60 minutes. This also helps tremendously with subjects that seem difficult and challenging at first.

2. Break up your work

Concentrate on doing small sections of work to the best of your abilities. The first tip amplifies the usefulness of studying smaller sections by increasing your focus. So instead of tackling an entire chapter or module start with a small sub section but do that section to the best of your abilities.

3. Setup and share your Study Schedule

Let as many people know about your study times and tasks. This creates a self imposed pressure to get things done and ultimately removes the procrastination that befalls so many matric students.

4. Rise Early

Getting all your scheduled study time in early can give you a greater sense of achievement and freedom to enjoy the other things in your life. This is more important during the weekends and holiday periods, studying at midnight to catch up on your schedule will not help your concentration and retention.

5. Reward Yourself

Give yourself time away from your studies but only if you deserve it. If you’ve studied consistently during the week then take a day off to relax with family or friends. Matric is tough and rest periods allow you time to recover and regain motivation to push through, so do not rob yourself enjoy the year.

These five tips are very simple to implement and you may already be using a few of them but try to combine them all and see the results that you achieve. Studying for long hours on end will not guarantee success but concentrating fully during reasonable study time will.

Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a week’s value out of a year while another man gets a full year’s value out of a week – Charles Richards

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