Sound Engineer

Sound engineers operate and manipulate sound technical equipment to record music, vocals and sound effects for producers and musicians. Engineers are also used extensively in live events such as concerts, theaters and in television.

Sound Engineers Typical Duties

  • Sound engineers liaise with musicians and producers to achieve the desired sound quality
  • They record music, vocals, speech and sound effects on recording equipment
  • They manipulate recorded sound by mixing, synchronizing, equalizing and regulating sound characteristics
  • Setup studios and sound equipment

Sound engineers are extremely tech savvy as the software and equipment used in studios tend to be intricate and expensive. Thus anyone that wants to pursue this field should have a love for both music and technology.



Sound engineers generally complete a sound engineering diploma from recognized colleges and academies. The courses cover many different topics such as music production, audio technology and a higher diploma is also offered.

Salary Expectations

Sound engineer salaries vary and are largely dependent on the engineers industry and talent.

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