Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors are used primarily in the building industry. Their main job function is to determine, monitor and manage all funds and resources related to a specific building project. Quantity surveyors thus save companies huge amounts of money and time by minimizing costs and maintaining industry standards.

Quantity Surveyors usually put in long hours due to the deadline driven world of building projects. Most of this time would be spent in the office but site inspections are done on a frequent basis to ascertain job progress. Surveyors also tend to do freelance consulting work as opposed to working for a single employer, this can be financially liberating and allow the surveyor more flexibility.

People that thrive under project based work that includes continual communication will thoroughly enjoy working as a quantity surveyor. Other important characteristics required are problem solving, presentation skills and the ability to handle large projects.

quantity surveyor

Typical Duties for Quantity Surveyors

  • Preparing Feasibility reports for companies
  • Contributing to Tender proposals by specifying material quantities, availablilty and costing considerations
  • Advising on Health and Safety considerations
  • Coordinating site work
  • Producing cost analysis reports on new projects, repairs and maintenance procedures
  • Liaising with subcontractors
  • Providing clients with detailed reports and presentations
  • Offering additional advice on property tax and related legal considerations


Students are advised to study Quantity SurveyingConstruction or Civil Engineering to get into the field. Most Universities, Technikons and Colleges offer courses for either of the three career paths. It’s important to note that studying construction or civil engineering will give the surveyor more insight into the technical part of the building industry.


Heres a cool vid of a Trainee Quantity Surveyor and her experiences in a typically male dominated area.

Salary Expectations

Junior Quantity Surveyors can expect a salary between R90 000 and R600 000 per year.

Senior Quantity Surveyors can expect a salary between R250 000 and R900 000 per year.

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I’ve been thinking about going to school for surveying but I don’t know a thing about it. I figured that before I decide to do anything, that I should at least learn more about this field and all that it has. This article gave me some good points that I think can help me figure this out.

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