Matric Final Exam Timetable

2015 National Senior Certificate Final Matric Exam Time Table

View the matric final exam timetable for 2015 below.

Use the expand button to view the pdf in Google docs and to download it.The timetable is provided by the South African Department of Basic Education to all students and educators. So print it out and post a copy on your bedroom wall, study desk and classroom and most importantly remember to share this with your classmates on Facebook or Twitter.

The matric final exam timetable is set well in advance by the Department of Education, this allows educators and students to prepare sufficiently. The timetable also applies to all matriculants regardless of where they are writing.

NSC Exam Paper Drafting

Careful consideration is given to the order that exams are written, hence you will not find so called ‘difficult’ subjects written on the same day. This is extremely important as learners simply will not cope with the added stress. The department’s planning committee is not perfect though and there have been a few poor decisions over the years.

Another consideration that the examination board have to consider is the time to mark a paper. Some subjects take longer to mark than others and thus they will be written early in the exam block. Marking of the answer scripts takes weeks by qualified teachers in designated marking centers throughout South Africa. As you can imagine there are many security and quality measures taken to ensure that every answer script gets marked and moderated fairly.

Matric Results are usually released early January and learners that are not happy with certain subjects can apply for a rewrite. There are a few places to get your results but the vast majority of students prefer looking up their results in the newspaper. This is usually ensued by wild celebrations….so get yourself a copy and start preparing.

Its never too late to start!