Matric Farewell Dresses Selection Guide

For some girls a matric farewell party will be the first of many formal events they will attend in their lifetime. And sadly for some, it will be their last. Amidst all the exam preparations and college applications – deciding what you will be doing for the rest of your life – you’re secretly stressed out over what to wear on that very important eve. After all it might be your only chance to leave a lasting impression on that crush who never took note of you…….

Well, stop stressing and start acting now.

Below are a few helpful tips on how to select that special dress that will make you look and feel like a princess.

Fashion Trends

Get a feel for the latest fashion trends by searching the internet and paging through some fashion magazines. Make a scrapbook of all the designs you like.

If you’re the artsy type draw a few designs of your own, if not get a dressmaker or even a design student to do a few designs for you for cheap. The idea is to be different- you don’t want to rock up and find your worst enemy wearing the exact same dress as you!


Know your budget. You don’t have to put your parents under financial strain in order to look good. Save your pocket money or do weekend odd jobs.


When you have some free time, hit the shops, try on some dresses to see which styles suit your body type and what colour best matches your skin tone. Whether you’re buying or having it made don’t do it too far in advance – you might lose or gain a few kilos leading up to the big event. Four to three weeks ahead should be just fine.


In the meantime you should also shop around for accessories, shoes and make-up. Again, you should make sure that the latter suits your skin tone. The make-up expert at shops like Clicks and Red square can help you with this.


Make an appointment at your local beautician to have your nails done and your eyebrows waxed. Or maybe someone in your neighborhood or even a family member can help you with that.


Two weeks before your big night try everything on together to see if you like the final result. Walk around in your shoes to wear them out a bit. Whether you’re going with the boy next door or in a group with a bunch of friends (Maybe that crush even came to his senses just in time) you want to feel comfortable in what your’re wearing.

Party Time!

Finally, make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before your farewell party. Get dressed early enough to leave time for make-up and hair. Wear a clean nightgown over you dress to prevent it from getting stained. Now all that’s left to do is to step out in style and party the night away!

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