Interior Designing

Interior designers design and furnish the interiors of residential and commercial properties or buildings. The designer uses colors, textures, furniture and light to create a living space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Interior Designers Typical Duties

  • The designer is responsible for studying the interior and formulating a plan or proposal to achieve the clients desired result
  • Interior designers are also required to keep a financial budget and to draw up estimates for the clients
  • Interior designers are required to keep abreast of new trends and developments in design
  • Any subcontracting work done by painters, renovators etc, must be managed by the designer
  • Designers are required to render their ideas by either mock ups or drawings to effectively communicate their ideas

Interior designing is largely a creative occupation but the requirements for good financial control and management remain vital to succeed in this field. Interior designers must be great communicators and must also have a love for working with people.



Interior designing can be studied at numerous higher learning institutions across South Africa. Learners have an option of either studying a Bachelors degree in Arts degree specializing in Interior Design or a three year diploma in Interior designing.

Two great sources are the BHC School of Design and the Design School of Southern Africa

Salary Expectations

Interior Designers can expect a salary between R60 000 and R220 000 per year. This is only an estimate as designers can be paid large salaries depending on their reputation in the market.

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