How to get a copy of your matric certificate

There is a general rule of thumb that ‘old people’ use that can be of great help to your youthful self.

It is……

To make a million certified copies of any document that you deem important.

If you did not know this then you do now…..take a moment to bask in your newly found wisdom!

But what is a certified copy? You ask.

A certified copy of a document is essentially as good as the original. Not in terms of quality but in terms of authority.

Typical documents that get certified are

  • Identity Documents
  • Matric Certificates
  • Tertiary Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Contracts
  • and pretty much anything that you would not want to lose.

Lets say that someone manages to steal your Identity Document or any of the listed items above. Getting a new copy for some of these could take weeks or months and generally would require you to get an affidavit at a police station to declare that your document was indeed stolen. A certified document could save you a ton of time.

How to make certified copies in South Africa

  1. Make clear copies of the document that you would like to certify.
  2. Take both the original and copies to a Police Station, Lawyer, Post Office, Judge or School Headmaster. (NB….Police stations and Post Offices will not charge you but the others may)
  3. Store your documents in atleast two safe places.

Now that you know how to make certified copies, I shouldn’t have to tell you to do this with your matric certificate.

Matric Certificate – Not Found!

The next few steps will cover what to do in the unfortunate event that you are left with no matric certificate. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this can’t happen. Identity theft has increased in South Africa and any personal document or certificate is viewed as gold by criminals.

You will need

Money – About R63 (This is payable by cheque or postal order but its probably better to pay directly at the department)

ID – A certified copy of your birth certificate or identity document

Form – Complete this form. It contains an affidavit portion which must be signed by one of the authorities mentioned above.

Send – To the postal address or submit at your regional department of education.

then we wait……..






🙂 for about two months.

The following contact details can be used to query your application

[box type=”info”] Email – or Telephone Number – 012 357 4511 or 4513[/box]

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