HCI Foundation Bursary program 2016-2017

The HCI Foundation aims to make an impact on the future of South Africa and assist in the skills shortage, while also building self-sustaining communities. They are a BBE Investment company with shares in the clothing and textile Union of Southern Africa.

They invite talented young individuals who want to make a change and become part of the skilled workforce to apply for a bursary from them. Together they believe a better future is at hand!

What Does the Bursary Program Offer?

The HCI Foundation Bursary Program does not have any specified fields of study. They assist candidates in any field studying at University, FET colleges or the University of Technology.

Costs Covered by Bursary

Bursaries provided by the HCI Foundation is only partial as they only provide candidates with financial assistance. These usually cover between 67 and 75 percent of the candidate’s tuition fee. These are between R23000 and R25000 and differs with the need of each candidate, as well as their household income.

The HCI Foundation will not provide funds for repeat studies and candidates are not obliged to repay funding unless specified due to special circumstances. Yet, they do ask the candidates to give something back by assisting in one of their community projects.


Candidate applying must be a citizen of South Africa. There is also a variety of other requirements that each candidate will have to meet before applying. Each field may have additional stipulations, thus, candidates must ensure they know what these are and meet all of them.

Some of the basic requirements are as follow:

  • Must hold a valid ID document
  • Must be younger than 35 years of age
  • Must hold a valid Matric or Grade 12 certificate
  • Must submit proof of income of household, or affidavit if parents or guardian is unemployed

Applications that do not contain all documentation, is not fully completed or missing anything, will not be considered. Candidates one the shortlist will be contacted, thus, if you do not hear from the company, your application was not selected. You will receive constant updates on the progress of your application via email, text or other form of communication.

Candidates on the shortlist may be required to do a phone interview. All payment will be directly made to the Institute of Higher Learning and not to the candidate.

How to Apply for This Bursary

Interested individuals may apply online via the HCI Foundation Website. This application must be completed online, it is thus suggested that candidates ensure they have all relevant documentation at hand and have enough time to complete the application when they want to apply. You will be required to open a free account with the company and must therefore, have a username and password to login.

The application will have four sections for you to complete. Personal detail, family detail, details of study course and parents or guardians employment details.

If you do find there is some reason you truly have to stop and return at a later date, you will be able to do so. The program will have a stop, save and start function, however, it is recommended and preferred that candidates fully complete the form in one sitting.

If for any reason you require assistance please contact HCI via email or phone.

Email – bp@hcifoundation.co.za

Phone – 021 – 4246 010

Any late entries, incomplete entries or those missing documentation will not be considered.

Timeframe That Bursary is Open

The HCI Foundation opens their bursary program the 1st of August and closes for applications on the last day of September yearly. Interested individuals must ensure that their application, along with all supporting documentation reach them before midnight on the last day of September.

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