Economists provide the corporate sector with valuable financial advice by studying data, statistics and world trends. They do considerably amounts of research before applying economic theory to that data and only then would they give a forecast on future trends for business.

This skill is also required by governments as they need the input of economists in making policies and financial decisions. Economists can also specialize in fields such as taxation, interest rates, employment data and numerous other areas.

Typical Economist Duties

  • Acquiring economic data and interpreting that data to provide forecasts and proposals
  • Writing economical reports
  • Researching economical models and how they apply to our world
  • Conducting presentations

An economist must have a love for both Mathematics and English to succeed.


The primary route to becoming an economist is by studying a Bachelors of Commerce in Economics. There are many fields to specialize in such as microeconomics,  labour, monetary and macroeconomics to name a few.

Most Recognized higher learning institutions offer the Bcom degree in economics and Unisa  offers a distance learning option


Salary Expectations

Economists can expect a salary between R70 000 and R600 000 per year.

Top 5 Employers

  • The Department of Trade and Industry
  • South African Reserve Bank
  • Old Mutual
  • Standard Bank
  • The Johannesburg Stock Exchange

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