Ecologists are the superheroes of our ecosystem.

They study the interaction between our environment and all the organisms that live within or affect that environment. The aim of all their research is to help us make better decisions for the environments we live in. This benefits humans, animals and mother nature and keeps our ecosystems in good order.

Ecology is tied to Biology or Life Sciences and most individuals that excel in the field have a natural fascination in nature.

Ecologists have recently become more popular due to numerous problems in our global ecosystem. Global warming and weird phenomenon have urged Governments to take a tougher stance on individuals and companies who exploit our planet. Ecologists are typically hired to investigate the culprits or by companies to avoid problems.

Thus ecologists play an important part in decision making for our Governments and Companies.

Job opportunities are set to increase in the field with a large number of different working positions available. Ecologists are employed all over the globe and tend to travel extensively. Their work also tends to be varied which makes ecology an ideal field for people that get bored easily 🙂

So if you love nature  and observing how it works and changes then ecology could be for you. Their is a misconception that most ecologists are more inclined to the political side of the field but a love for nature is the cornerstone of every successful ecologist.

Typical Duties for Ecologists

  • Conduct Research (Out in the field or purely academic)
  • Analyzing Data
  • Compiling Reports
  • Consulting Communities, Companies and Governments on best practices
  • Public Speaking


Matric students are strongly recommended to study Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Sciences.


Most ecologists do one of the following Bsc Degrees

  • Ecology
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Microbiology
  • Geology

Senior Ecology positions require a Masters or Doctorate degree in one of the above mentioned fields.

Salary Expectations

Junior Ecologists can expect a salary between 240 000 and 560 000 per year

Senior Ecologists can expect a salary between 320 000 and 720 000 per year


  • Research Organizations
  • Government
  • Companies that deal primarily with nature such as mining and chemical companies
  • Wildlife Parks

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