Do Your Personal Best for Matric

Every person on this planet is unique.

The world puts pressure on each of us to conform to rules and regulations. Some of these are to protect us but many are set up to control us.

Getting your matric certificate is an unwritten rule to success in South Africa. It provides you with a ticket to study further and more importantly to find work. Your matric certificate ensures your freedom to pursue a better life for yourself and your family.


Does passing your matric guarantee success?

The answer….no

It simply gives you options, which are great but do not come with certainties. Now we want you to get your certificate….that’s our main purpose 🙂 but we also want you to be successful and happy for the rest of your life.

Our advice….Do your personal best. That simply means to achieve the best matric results possible for you. This necessitates hard work but removes the misconception that your matric year is only successful if you have achieved an exemption or a million A’s.

Traditional education has always been tilted towards creating doctors, engineers and bankers but what about dj’s, dancers, plumbers, welders, bakers; make – up artists and fashion models. This is slowly changing with our new curriculum but it won’t happen quickly.

So be unique and embrace it.


For interest sakes here is a list of famous drop outs…..

Albert Einstein

The only man that has the right to be too cool for school…..Nobel Prize winner and the Father of Modern Physics….respect.

Bobby Fischer

One of the greatest chess players ever….

Walt Disney

Co-Founder of Disney, revolutionized film and animation. Disney made 36 billion US dollars in 2010…..sweet.

Sir Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group which owns about 400 companies…..He’s talent has always been to connect with people and it’s taken him far.

And for all the rappers out there, EminemTupac and Jay-Z. So please do your best and get your matric but do realize that success only comes from finding and nurturing your God given Talents and Passions.

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