Life Sciences Past Papers

The subject Life Sciences involves the systematic study of life in the changing natural and human-made environment. This systematic study involves critical inquiry, reflection, and the understanding of concepts and processes and their application in society.   2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 feb/march 2014 November 2014 Grade 12 2015 feb/march 2015 June/July [box] Past Papers are […] Read more »

Mechanical Technology Past Papers

The subject Mechanical Technology focuses on technological processes from conceptual design to practical problem solving, as well as the application of scientific principles. The subject provides scope for the improvement of the different processes, systems and services used in the production and manufacturing of the goods and products used to enhance the quality of life of both the individual and […] Read more »

Mathematics Past Papers

The curriculum for Mathematics is based on the following view of the nature of the discipline. Mathematics enables creative and logical reasoning about problems in the physical and social world and in the context of Mathematics itself. It is a distinctly human activity practiced by all cultures. Knowledge in the mathematical sciences is constructed through the establishment of descriptive, numerical and […] Read more »

Physical Science Past Papers

The subject Physical Sciences focuses on investigating physical and chemical phenomena through scientific inquiry. By applying scientific models, theories and laws it seeks to explain and predict events in our physical environment. This subject also deals with society’s desire to understand how the physical environment works, how to benefit from it and how to care for it responsibly. 2008 2009 […] Read more »

Geography Past Papers

Geography is the study of human and physical environments. It is a subject that combines topics related to physical and human processes over space and time. With the use of Geography, we can better understand our complex world. There are many branches of study in Geography. For example, in Physical Geography, we examine natural processes and features, including […] Read more »

History Past Papers

History is the study of change and development in society over time. The study of history enables us to understand how past human action affects the present and influences our future, and it allows us to evaluate these effects. So, history is about learning how to think about the past, which affects the present, in a disciplined […] Read more »