Accounting Past Papers

Accounting focuses on measuring performance, and processing and communicating financial information about economic sectors. This discipline ensures that ethical behavior, transparency and accountability are adhered to. It deals with the logical, systematic and accurate selection and recording of financial information and transactions, as well as the compilation, analysis and interpretation of financial statements and managerial reports for use by interested […] Read more »

Agricultural Management Practices Past Papers

Agricultural Management Practices is the study and application of production, economic and management principles that are used in the cultivation, transformation and marketing of food and other agricultural products. These principles are used to produce and add value to high-quality agricultural products so that these products have economic, aesthetic, social and cultural value. 2008   2009 2011 […] Read more »

Agricultural Sciences Past Papers

Agricultural Sciences is the study of the relationship between soils, plants and animals in the production and processing of food, fiber, fuel and any other agricultural commodities that have an economic, aesthetic and cultural value. It is an integrated science that combines the knowledge and skills from Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Economics. This […] Read more »

Agricultural Technology Past Papers

The subject Agricultural Technology focuses on technology used in agriculture. The subject covers the knowledge of how processes,tools, equipment, structures and skills are utilized by farmers, to cultivate agricultural land and produce food and products, through various production processes, thus sustaining and maintaining quality of life and increasing economic, aesthetic and sound cultural values.   2009 2010 2011 […] Read more »

Business Studies Past Papers

The subject Business Studies deals with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values critical for informed, productive, ethical and responsible participation in the formal and informal economic sectors. The subject encompasses business principles, theory and practice that underpin the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, sustainable enterprises and economic growth   2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 feb/march 2014 November 2014 Grade […] Read more »

Civil Technology Past Papers

Civil Technology focuses on concepts and principles in the built environment and on the technological process. It embraces practical skills and the application of scientific principles. This subject aims to create and improve the built environment to enhance the quality of life of the individual and society and to ensure the sustainable use of the natural environment. […] Read more »

Mathematical Literacy Past Papers

Mathematical Literacy provides learners with an awareness and understanding of the role that mathematics plays in the modern world. Mathematical Literacy is a subject driven by life-related applications of mathematics. It enables learners to develop the ability and confidence to think numerically and spatially in order to interpret and critically analyse everyday situations and to solve problems.   2008 […] Read more »

Consumer Studies Past Papers

The subject Consumer Studies focuses on developing knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in learners to enable them to become responsible and informed consumers of food, clothing, housing, furnishings and household equipment, and to use resources optimally and in a sustainable manner. The subject also promotes the application of knowledge and skills in the production of quality marketable products that will […] Read more »

Economics Past Papers

Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, governments and other organisations within our society choose to use scarce resources to satisfy their numerous needs and wants in a manner that is efficient and equitable.   2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 feb/march 2014 November 2014 Grade 12 2015 feb/march 2015 June/July Past Papers are Kindly […] Read more »

Electrical Technology Past Papers

Electrical Technology focuses on the understanding and application of electrical and electronic principles and the technological processes inherent in the production of products, services and systems in order to improve the quality of life.   2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 feb/march 2014 November 2014 Grade 12 2015 feb/march 2015 June/July Past Papers are Kindly Provided by […] Read more »