Accountants are skilled in the practice of accounting, which entails maintaining accurate financial records for businesses, individuals or trusts. Accountants help their clients in the preparation and verification of any financial paperwork and also help with budgeting and future investments. Accountants are also used as internal auditors by companies to investigate fraud by employees, this in […] Read more »

Mechanical Engineers and Technologists

Mechanical engineers design, manufacture, install and service mechanical components used in industry. Important industries that require the services of mechanical engineers are the manufacturing, power production, transport and medical industries. Mechanical Engineer Typical Duties Improving manufacturing processes and planning to help manufacturing companies work more efficiently Implement the upgrading of mechanical components and systems in industry by […] Read more »

Interior Designing

Interior designers design and furnish the interiors of residential and commercial properties or buildings. The designer uses colors, textures, furniture and light to create a living space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Interior Designers Typical Duties The designer is responsible for studying the interior and formulating a plan or proposal to achieve the […] Read more »


Economists provide the corporate sector with valuable financial advice by studying data, statistics and world trends. They do considerably amounts of research before applying economic theory to that data and only then would they give a forecast on future trends for business. This skill is also required by governments as they need the input of economists […] Read more »

Sound Engineer

Sound engineers operate and manipulate sound technical equipment to record music, vocals and sound effects for producers and musicians. Engineers are also used extensively in live events such as concerts, theaters and in television. Sound Engineers Typical Duties Sound engineers liaise with musicians and producers to achieve the desired sound quality They record music, vocals, speech and sound effects […] Read more »

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors are used primarily in the building industry. Their main job function is to determine, monitor and manage all funds and resources related to a specific building project. Quantity surveyors thus save companies huge amounts of money and time by minimizing costs and maintaining industry standards. Quantity Surveyors usually put in long hours due to […] Read more »

Au Pair

Do you love travelling, learning new languages and discovering different cultures? If yes, wouldn’t it be perfect if you could do this for free…. welcome to Au-pairing. Many people have taken the once in a lifetime opportunity to Au pair abroad. Destinations are typically the United States of America or Europe. Au pairs are generally hired […] Read more »


Ecologists are the superheroes of our ecosystem. They study the interaction between our environment and all the organisms that live within or affect that environment. The aim of all their research is to help us make better decisions for the environments we live in. This benefits humans, animals and mother nature and keeps our ecosystems […] Read more »