Time Management Tips for Matric

Matriculants are faced with a daunting task in their final schooling year, they need to cover all the prescribed theory in just seven months and still find time to prepare for tests, exams and projects. This heavy workload is new to most matric students but schools simply do not prepare them sufficiently to deal with […] Read more »

Do Your Personal Best for Matric

Every person on this planet is unique. The world puts pressure on each of us to conform to rules and regulations. Some of these are to protect us but many are set up to control us. Getting your matric certificate is an unwritten rule to success in South Africa. It provides you with a ticket […] Read more »

How, Where and When to study

Many students struggle with studying in matric This is partly because most schools do not teach learners how to study effectively. We think that the more hours we study the better off we are but that is simply not true. Your brain is a fascinating and powerful machine…. The slowest speed that the information travels […] Read more »

The Only 4 Steps You Need to Ace the Matric Exams

Studying for your matric exams can be hard and extremely time consuming. The bad part is that even if you put in the hours, you are still not guaranteed success. That’s why we aim to teach methods that not only save you study time but that also help you achieve better matric results. One such method is […] Read more »

9 Ways To Deal With Exam Stress

1. What stresses you..? We never stress about life in general, there is always something that triggers it. For you it may be… An overdue assignment or project Worrying about your Tertiary finance, bursary or application Finding the right matric dance partner…. Taking ten minutes to identify your stressors can greatly reduce the stress itself. Once revealed it’s then […] Read more »

Where to get your Matric Results

With Matric trial exams just around the corner most learners are preparing for the end of their schooling careers. Its important to remember, the end is not when you write your last paper but rather when you receive your results, which hopefully will be a positive experience…… The department of education has not yet confirmed when results […] Read more »

Matriculant To Do List

Finishing your Matric year can knock the stuffing out of you. Unfortunately it only marks the beginning of the rest of your life as an adult. So party and go crazy while you still have a chance and then have a look at our essential to do list for matriculants to help prepare them for the so called real world Enjoy and […] Read more »

Bachelors, Diploma and Higher Certificate Pass Requirements Explained

We often get asked to check if learner (Insert your name) will or will not pass with a bachelors, diploma or certificate. Now we love you guys 🙂 but hopefully this post will clear up the concise section on our results page. Differences Understanding the difference between each pass type is critical to your future studies. Luckily, its pretty straight forward. […] Read more »

Matric Exemption

Matric Exemption or passing with a bachelors is the highest level of achievement for any matriculant. Yet so many fall short of this by either poor subject choices or bad results. We covered matric subject choices and what you marks you need before but we thought another post giving tips on how to achieve an exemption would […] Read more »