Au Pair

Do you love travelling, learning new languages and discovering different cultures?

If yes, wouldn’t it be perfect if you could do this for free…. welcome to Au-pairing. Many people have taken the once in a lifetime opportunity to Au pair abroad. Destinations are typically the United States of America or Europe.

Au pairs are generally hired by wealthy parents to act as a caregiver to their children. These parents appreciate and value the cultural diversity in society and hence want their children to experience different cultures. Other benefits for the parents are potentially lower costs and also the convenience of having a caregiver present around the clock.

Benefits for the Au pair are numerous. All living expenses such as rent (if not stay in), food and other amenities are taken care of by the parents. Au pairs will also be offered language lessons by the parents at no cost, to help communication and as a perk. On top of all this is a salary that can be used either to travel in free time or to save.

Typical Duties of an Au pair

  • Daily care giving
  • Driving kids to school, extramural activities etc
  • Basic Housework
  • Cooking meals for the children
  • Running errands for the family

An Au pair must be flexible and accommodating. The best attitude to adopt is to think of yourself as a family member, this will not only make the experience easier but also help in developing a close relationship with the family.


There are generally two requirements to qualify as an Au pair.

An Au pair must at least have a matric certificate or an equivalent qualification to be considered. Age also plays an important role, as parents are typically looking for someone that is single, with no children and between the ages of 18 and 26.

These requirements are very easily met by most matriculants.


Salary Expectations

Au pairs can expect a salary between R60 000 and R150 000 per year. This varies and is dependent on your employer and the country. Most Au pairs are freshly matriculated and looking for adventure, so the relatively low salary does not put them off.

Please just be careful as human trafficking is a real danger, especially for young women in foreign countries far away from home.

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