Mathematics Past Papers

Mathematics Past Papers

The curriculum for Mathematics is based on the following view of the nature of the discipline.

Mathematics enables creative and logical reasoning about problems in the physical and social world and in the context of Mathematics itself. It is a distinctly human activity practiced by all cultures.


Knowledge in the mathematical sciences is constructed through the establishment of descriptive, numerical and symbolic relationships. Mathematics is based on observing patterns; with rigorous logical thinking, this leads to theories of abstract relations. Mathematical problem solving enables us to understand the world and make use of that understanding in our daily lives.

Mathematics is developed and contested over time through both language and symbols by social interaction and is thus open to change.

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Past Papers are Kindly Provided by the Department of Basic Education

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      Hello ,please assist by uploading Feb/March 2013 Mathematics Question paper and Memo.Thank you

      • Victoria Ellis May 1, 2013 at 06:54 #

        They are not available yet Koketso

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      This site is gr8.. Would love to see us all come on top.. I’m looking for a mobile study patner wus doing maths and mybe physics mybe even accounting.. Send a text to 0712655622.. Thnx :)

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    i would like to know when we will find maths papers for last year 2012?

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      They are not available yet

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    Can you pls send me the exam finals timetable and previous years accounting,math and english paper. Thank you

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      We have sent the timetable but the papers will have to be downloaded from the site…

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    Please can you provide the Geography past papers

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    could you please advise on what is the best way to get all the setworks for the old matric syllabus


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      No idea…. Curriculum advisers might be able to help.

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    i would like to thank this site for such great service in provision of past question papers,i would like to know whether this question papers are still of relevance since well the curriculum is now CAPS.

    • Victoria Ellis March 22, 2013 at 19:41 #

      Grade 12 CAPS will only be implemented next year Daisy. Even then they would still be useful.

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      False alarm,site is back up.

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